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Servicing all areas of Eastern Washington, including the Tri-Cities, Yakima, and Walla Walla. We pay attention to the details that other house cleaning services overlook. A good overall cleaning is vital to remove any hidden soil, dirt, and other grime.

Our House Cleaning Services Includes:

One-Time Cleaning

Maid Services

Bathroom Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Construction Clean-Up

Event Clean-Up

First-Time Cleaning / One-Time Cleaning

When cleaning a new residence, we charge more for the first cleaning because there are additional needs, which require more time to remove extra soil and build-up for our staff.

Move In/Move Out House Cleaning

A customer’s home that has never been professionally cleaned most likely will have soil build-up throughout the entire house. We take the extra time to remove extra build-up soil around your home so that we are starting fresh.

Removing the build-up of soil and grime is essential before we can get a home looking its best.
Once the home has had a careful cleaning it will be faster and easier for our staff to clean on the schedule agreed upon. Establishing a starting point is important so we can ensure a great experience that on every cleaning and make you a satisfied customer!

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Bathroom Cleaning

We always remove hard water stains from fixtures, tubs and sinks. We also remove any build-up around the bottom of toilets, faucets, shower doors and fixtures. We take the entire bathroom back to a clean starting point future and regular cleanings will help maintain a deposit-free and clean bathroom.

Maid Service

We can do basic household chores like folding the laundry and making the bed or doing the dishes and taking out the trash. Consider it Like the hotel maid service but at your own home!

Kitchen Cleaning

We pay attention to the details that other residential cleaning services overlook. A good overall cleaning is vital to remove any hidden dirt, crumbs, food and other grime.

Construction Clean-Up

We can make your home move-in ready after any remodel or construction project.

Event Clean-Up

Planning a party or special event? Count on A.M. Cleaning to prepare the event site and clean up afterward! We’ll remove garbage and debris, clean the floors and bathrooms, freshen the carpets and remove stains from carpet and upholstery, if needed. Whether you’re hosting an event in a commercial space or a residential one, A.M. Cleaning can help before the party starts and when the party’s over!

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