Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

At A.M. Cleaning, we know how much wear and tear can happen to your carpets. With so much walking on them – especially in high traffic areas – and the dust, dirt, and sediment, as well as oils and even food residue that they accumulate, your carpets occasionally need some repair. 

That is where A.M. Cleaning comes in. Our expert team of cleaning technicians will perform professional carpet cleaning services that get down deep into the carpet fibers to give your carpet a deep, thorough clean. With state-of-the-art tools, we can extract and then capture dirt and grime so they can be removed with our special cleaning system. 

A.M. Cleaning offers world-class carpet cleaning services for a variety of properties that include residential and commercial. We service customers throughout the Tri-Cities area.

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Carpet Cleaning Perfection

Our A.M. Cleaning teams know how to clean carpets to perfection. We utilize our own special stain pre-treatment options along with our earth-friendly cleansers to ensure your carpets are truly clean. We also give you peace of mind knowing that our carpet cleaning solutions are absolutely safe for you, your kids, your pets, and the environment. No need to be concerned about harmful fumes or residues. 

Our technicians at A.M. Cleaning receive extensive training in carpet cleaning, as well as maintaining and repairing all types and styles of carpets. We can identify the type of carpet in your home or office, which enables us to use the appropriate cleaning and spotting procedures and stain removal techniques. 

Our carpet cleaning process involves inspection of your carpets, moving of furniture, all areas are pre-treated, followed by a meticulous extraction and rinse. We then use a powerful vacuum to remove excess moisture. You can count on A.M. Cleaning to do the most thorough cleaning of your carpets!

No Job is Too Challenging for A.M. Cleaning

At A.M. Cleaning, we have over a decade of experience getting out the toughest stains on carpets.  With our advanced cleaning process, we can eliminate challenging stains such as red wine and wax from your carpets. Combining our industry know-how with quality products, our expert cleaning crews perform exceptional cleaning services that will leave your house guests and business clients impressed!

We are the first choice for all your cleaning carpet needs. We can transform your dingy and worn carpets into beautiful carpets that amaze the eye. When you choose A.M. Cleaning for all your carpet cleaning needs, you get a deeper clean, faster-drying carpet and healthier home or office for everyone to enjoy. 

A.M. Cleaning is a trusted name in carpet cleaning for scores of households and businesses. Our customers know that they will get the best results for their carpets with our
hard-working, best-in-market cleaning technicians.